Come summer, and it’s time for us to face the blazing heat! Period. No, it’s a prolonged anguish with long broiling days and short nights. And only reliable savior is the Air Conditioner! Yes, gone are those days, when only few countable homes luxuriate an Air conditioner! Today, an Air-conditioner is a basic necessity.  Almost every home of urban dwellers has an AC, and not to our surprise more than few have AC in all their living rooms; even though it doesn’t fit easy in their pockets.

Yes, you definitely can’t imagine summers without your AC but every consumer wish for a respite from whopping electricity bills, and not just from the rising temperature!

So, this summer if you are planning to buy a new AC or replace the old ones, then Lloyd has a Good news for all of you!

Here’s a range of Lloyd Air Conditioners – (, which not only provide cooling comfort and convenience but also provide better Value by consuming less Energy and enhancing your savings.

Lloyd Inverter AirConditoner saves up to 30% more power. So, think beyond 5 Star and bring home a Superstar!


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Why Inverter AC this summer?

It’s this quest to save electricity that amplified the demand for Inverter ACs. Inverter ACs comes with energy efficient technology which consumes less energy without compromising on cooling comforts. An inverter is used to adjust the speed of the compressor motor, hence eliminating any temperature fluctuations. This ability of Inverter ACs reduces electricity consumption & is the key differentiator between a Non – Inverter AC & an Inverter AC. The compressor motor of a non-inverter Air Conditioner only operates at a maximum capacity, or is switched off altogether. This leads to unnecessary electricity consumption and higher electricity bills. So now you know, which one is right for you , and why!

Lloyd takes immense pleasure in bringing to you all its own set of InverterACs  . With Smart benefits and irreplaceable features like Faster Cooling, Low Noise Technology, More User Comfort and Lesser operating costs, it is indeed obvious that Lloyd Inverter ACs makes the best and efficient usage of energy and achieves the provided level of comfort and convenience.

Inverter Ac

For more than 60 years now; Lloyd, one of the leading Air Conditioners manufacturer, is making Indian homes happy and cool with its products & services. We, at Lloyd are a strong believer of the fact that the product or service should make our customer’s life joyful and happy. And so, we not only offer but guarantee our customers complete happiness and take immense pride in living up to the expectations of our customers.

So, before you make your decision to buy an AC, do visit to pick your right choice for a Cooler & Happier Summer!